Grote Full Scale Electric Guitar Semi-Hollow Body Guitar with Metal Finished and Stainless Steel Frets (Blue)

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About this item

  • Unveil Your Signature Sound: Introducing the Grote brand electric guitar, a masterpiece that resonates with your unique musical identity, featuring a distinguished metallic truss rod cover.
  • Sonic Elegance Redefined: Embark on a sonic journey with the 24.75-inch scale length, a canvas that harmonizes tradition and innovation, delivering a resonant and versatile sound palette.
  • Crafted Resonance: Dive into the captivating depths of music with the semi-hollow Canadian Maple body, a canvas that resonates with warmth and richness, breathing life into every note you play.
  • Boundless Playability: Discover a world of musical expression with the Maple neck and Black Wood fingerboard, offering seamless playability across 22 precisely positioned frets, empowering your creativity.
  • Precision Craftsmanship: Every detail matters – from the meticulously placed 22 stainless steel frets ensuring flawless intonation and a comfortable playing experience.

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