Grote Headless 6 Strings Electric Guitar Mahogany Body GRHL-2

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Brand Grote
Color Black、Blue
Body Material Mahogany
Guitar Pickup Configuration H-H
String Material Type Nickel
Hand Orientation Right
  • Full Size: Full Scale Size Including HPL Fingerboard, Canadian Maple Neck,Mahogany Body, Volume/Tone,pickups, Knobs & More.Number Of Frets 24.Nut Width 42mm Inlays.
  • Fingerboard: HPL material, easier to maintain, no harsh humidity requirements. Its density is more uniform and stable than typical wood products. These characteristics eliminate the dead spots or "wolf tone" associated with traditional wood fingerboards. hpl has a clear sound similar to quality ebony, but effectively avoids the undesirable characteristics associated with ebony. It brings stability and clarity to the sound, while adding higher overtones and harmonics to make each note more clear.
  • Frets : 22 Stainless Steel Frets are durable, resistant to oxidation and wear, with a rounded head that is smoother and less scratchy. Stainless Steel Frets have a mirror-like shine and a silky smooth feel that you just can't get enough of.
  • Strings:KE009 Strings it can give you a richer, more powerful, and magical tone that will conquer you! The nickel-plated alloy winding process combined with the PVD ionic lamination process gives it a smoother feel!

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