Grote LPF-002 Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar Matte Finished

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About this item

  • Mahogany semi-hollow body:Mahogany as one of the most popular guitar woods, hard texture, detailed grain, the wood has excellent stability, the body provides a very balanced sound quality, providing a warm and tense sound.
  • Hand Polished Stainless Steel Frets:22 Stainless Steel Frets, durable, anti-oxidation, anti-wear, rounded head is more smooth and less scratchy. The sound is resoundingly metallic, bright and crisp and powerful.
  • Rosewood fingerboard:The rose wood is hard, and the colleagues with good stability feel smooth.
  • Coils Splitting Pickup: This is a humbucking pickup with two magnets and two coils. When the single is "cut" (which can be accomplished with a gear dial, push/pull knob, gear key, etc.) the two coils are disconnected, leaving only one coil working. When the single is cut, the original noise removal function disappears, with the advantage that it allows for a greater variety of guitar styles, usually using humbuckers for brighter, punchier tones and single coils for softer, fuller tones.
  • Roller Saddle Bridge :It can better protect the strings and give them a higher stability.
  • Bone Nut:Bone is a harder natural material and it has been favored by many luthiers for higher-end instruments due to its sustain and natural lubricating property.
  • About LPF-002:24.75"Semi-hollow mahogany body,KE10|010-046 Strings .The strings can give you a richer, more powerful, and magical tone that will conquer you!Semi-hollow guitars have a very good resonance performance and a warm, rounded tone, with that classic warm jazz guitar sound that makes a full, fat, clean sound in the low end. With maple body tone more tight and clear.

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