Grote Solid Electric Guitar GR-Modern-T Metallic Finish Poplar Body Roasted Maple Neck Coils Splitting Pickup

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About this item

  • Sleek Metallic Finish on a Solid-Body Electric Guitar: The GR-Modern-T boasts a captivating metallic finish, making it not only sound great but look stunning too.
  • Versatile Poplar Body: Crafted from premium poplar, this solid-body guitar offers a well-balanced and versatile tonal profile.
  • Stability and Clarity with Roasted Maple Neck: The roasted maple neck ensures exceptional stability and tonal clarity for a smooth playing experience.
  • Precision with Stainless Steel Frets: Featuring stainless steel frets, this guitar offers precise intonation, durability, and a consistently smooth playing surface.

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