Grote GT339 Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar

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  • Fingerboard: Rosewood is used for the fingerboard. Rigorously dried rosewood has excellent stability, high stiffness and density, which balances the strong string tension well and keeps the neck in good curvature and functional condition. Rosewood has oily pores and it tends to absorb overtones, producing a warmer tone that is capable of most musical styles, so an electric guitar with a rosewood fingerboard is also one of the indispensable instruments on almost every guitarist's shelf.
  • Frets: 22 Stainless Steel Frets are durable, resistant to oxidation and wear, with a rounded head that is smoother and less scratchy. Stainless Steel Frets have a mirror-like shine and a silky smooth feel that you just can't get enough of.
  • Strings :KE10|010-046 Strings it can give you a richer, more powerful, and magical tone that will conquer you! The nickel-plated alloy winding process combined with the PVD ionic lamination process gives it a smoother feel!
  • Pickups:AlNiCo cores are the most popular cores used in most high-end handcrafted pickups, and the Alnico 5 has a very strong magnetism that gives both high and low frequencies a favorable boost and a more "aggressive", "rocking" tone. The GT339-01 used the Alnico 5 to maximize the acoustic vibrations of guitar woods and structures, and with different thicknesses of copper wire and winding designs, you can get a sound with different characteristics, whether it's vintage rock, or modern glam!
  • About GT339-01:24.75"Semi-hollow maple body, chrome colored accessories. Semi-hollow guitars have a very good resonance performance and a warm, rounded tone, with that classic warm jazz guitar sound that makes a full, fat, clean sound in the low end. With maple body tone more tight and clear.

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