Grote LPS-023 Matte Finished Electric Guitar with P-90 Pickups- LP Style Mahogany Solid Body Guitar

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About this item

  • High-quality construction: The Grote LP electric guitar features a Mahogany body bone nut, all of which contribute to its superior construction and durability.
  • Premium sound: The P90 pickups provide a rich and warm sound that is perfect for a range of genres, from blues to rock and everything in between.
  • Hand-polished stainless steel frets: The 22 hand-polished stainless steel frets offer a smooth playing experience and help to prolong the life of the guitar.
  • Beautiful design: The Grote LP electric guitar's matte-finished solid Mahogany body delivers a resonant and durable tone, with a smooth and stylish texture.
  • Classic design: The LPS-023 electric guitar boasts an iconic and classic body shape that is both visually stunning and ergonomically designed for comfortable playability.

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